M/S Sterling Agency Hyderabad – subsidy is not being credit

My consumer No. is 48070 and adhaar card is962968599483- Even after proper linkage with SBI Musaram Bagh (Hyderabad) Branch, subsidy is not being credit now although this was credited till now. I also recd confirmation from Indane website that there is proper linkage with my bank account and that no fresh linkage need be done. My LPG ID is:37500 0000 0309 0793. Our Distributor M/S Sterling Agency, Hyderabad also confirms that the bank account and adhar card are properly linked. However, the subsidy amount for my bill no.000202367 dt. 2nd January 2015 is not being credited and I get SMS from Indane that there is problem with linkage of bank account and adhar. How can we get this issue resolved with Indane when all details are properly given and the subsidy was being credited properly till Jan 2015? Can the concerned authorities give proper answer and settle the matter?

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