Neem Holidays Pvt. Ltd – Cheaters and fraud with us after making advance payments in 24 dec 2016

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Mumbai mirror advertisement came 22 dec 2016 about their packages where they mention that if you pay advance deposit amount before 30 dec’2016 then only you will get this price or else another price so i honour immediately cheque in favour neem holidays pvt. Ltd on 24 dec’2016 they send their pick up man immediately within 3 hours and when i ask sandip (Pick up man) to give me receipt so he said once it get credit then later we will give you, but uptill now no-one came and give me any payment receipt. The cheque which got credited into their bank before 30 december 2016. For booking travel for july or august 2017. We can not travel before dates because our passport were not done so we book for august 2017. (Assuming that all passport will come before travel dates)

Then i did not got confirmation email from them about our booking nor got receipt for payment done into their account, but my passbook record of bank shows that payment done to them and credited.

I send many email to them but they did not bother to send confirmation on my email uptill now. When i call many times so zahida put me on hold my mobile for 15-20 minutes, never have courtesy to call back nor send email for confirmation. Then i call manish agrawal the owner of tour agency so he said that zahida will reply you but she said manish sir is outside so how can i send you email confirmation. I have been call up till now 100 times to them so many times they purposely transfer my call to another colleague or staff and give excuses saying she left for day or she has just gone for lunch or out of office or she is off today, or she is not well so she did not come today etc…

Now when i call manish and said your staff is doing like this then zahida send me another tour which i do not want to buy and go for. (I have ask from beginning glimpse and majestic combine) like advertisement in newspaper but they are interested to sell me other tour europe for 15n16d which i do not want to buy) more expensive tour. I want glimpses and majestic for which they take advance money but they want to sell me another one, with they send me cancellation charges of the tours so i told manish that i want glimpse and majestic so why zahida and lata both are sending me different tours details.

Then manish told zahida so zahida send me majestic and glimpses with different amount which is higher and when i said i book in dec’2016 and foe which i gave you advance money so you must give me in that dec’2016 rates not 2017 rates.

Then zahida said manish is boss and he only told me to send you this prices. Then i told zahida that why you mention in mumbai mirror on 22 dec 2016 advertisement and show this prices. Are this is gimik prises? She kept quite and after that they stop communication with me by email and over mobile or office number.

I do not know what is in their mind by fooling and cheating innocent people who wants to visit abroad. Thinking to visit abroad and reading news papers is human right and by this neem holidays pvt. Ltd. (Old name – balaji tours and travels) is cheating and fooling travellers who wish to visit abroad.

Then one day priyanka call me from accounts departments of neem holidays saying about balance payments so i clearly told her once manish or zahida send me confirmation email about our dates of booking for both combine tours in the month of august with prices what manish confirm over mobile to me all inclusive and i confirm that then he said there will be 4.5% additional gst from 22 jan’2017 so i said if it is then i am ready to pay that also till that time how can you (Priyanka ask more money from me?

First tell zahida or mannish to send me confirm email about our booking in selected two tours (Glimpses + majestic) with selected dates for which we have made advance payments in the month of dec’2016.

After that if you call then we will talk to you.

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