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Reported By: Disha Dwivedi

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This is to inform you as a tourist we faced issues with Neem Holidays from Day 1 post booking. We had booked for Europe tour and there were 47 people in the tour. We were informed orientation will take place on XYZ day. We kept on waiting for the final call however post calling we were informed that orientation is already over last week and they missed to call us and on questioning they had no answer to it. As a souvenir they were supposed to give us a tourist bag but later confirmed that bags are out of stock, on questioning they spread the word that we are fighting for a bag. When it comes to documetation part for applying visa they are not clear what needs to be submitted and they will not refund the part of the money if the visa are cancelled. If you call at their work place in Goregaon the staff are highly un cooperative and have no professionalism at all and blaming game starts that I am sorry I am not aware of your situation and problem. If they miss to inform us they expect it is customers’ duty to collect the visa, bags, coupons etc from their office, totally unexpected. Finally we take off and reach Europe. We realize the bus provided is under maintenance, AC is not working, drivers are not courteous and owner of the hotels itself complains about the drivers. Our bus gets spoilt in the middle of the night. Tour guide is clueless, no arrangement of new bus is provided. We make continuous calls in India to help us but tour guide has not informed anyone in India. Ultimately we were suffering and wasting time. The things which were needed to be covered as per the itenery were also incomplete. Reasoning we are running short of time we cannot cover this etc etc. Tour Guide was pathetic and was not able to solve any problems of ours and was only running behind their cuts in the sweet shop or cuckoo factory etc. Worst to add the hotels mentioned in the itenery were also not provided. On reaching the Hotel Lowen in Switzerland the owner of the hotel says we were not informed. Short term arrangement is made in Ibis Budget. The question is in the peak season IBIS had almost 25 rooms vacant and on arrival they immediately accommodated us. Its a sheer plan. Such cheap tactics is not expected from any Tours and Travels. Guys be careful whatever you choose. Neem provides budgeted package but we would never recommend anyone. You have to be crystal clear in what you offer and hopefully Neem should have a better staff to handle the customer queries.

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