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Oman Air – baggage mishandled

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Reported By: SandyVenera

Contact information:
Oman Air

The Manenger OMAN AIR

REF . MCTWY45315/31MAY18/1455GMT

TIKET : WY 0610 – FLY OMAN AIR – Dubai – Muscat

I am VENERA VALIEVA . I was a passenger of the Fly Oman Air WY 0610 Dubai – Muscat on Thursday, 31st May 2018 .
I have certain issues with the way my baggage was handled in such an ill-mannered fashion .
The baggage is damage in many place that i think i can use this baggage anymore, which is going to cost me a lot .
I pay a support money for have my baggage in Muscat from Dubai and at the arrived i have surprice about my baggage damage in many place how yuo can see in the picture, i attact also paiment for baggage in the picture .
So i request yuo to look into this matter and we forward for a possible positive solution .
I could not mention the damage to my baggage at the airport as my baggage arrived with another flight .
Il was delivered last night in my holiday town . At the opening of the baggage i noticed the serious damage brought to my luggage . I attach photos for viewing and documentation .
Aware of yuor taking vision in advance thank yuo .

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