Oyespace ,Jabm Onesource Private Limited,Bangalore-560100 – Cheating of rental payment by Oyespace ,JABM Onesource Pvt Ltd

Reported By: Amlan Pal

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Oyespace ,Jabm Onesource Private Limited,Bangalore-560100 BENGALURU
https:// www.facebook.com/OyeSpaceCOH/

I had enetered into an agreement with Oyespace Bangalore (JABM Onesource Pvt Ltd , Bangalore) on 6 Oct 2021 , for managing my 3 bhk flat (A9 , in SLV Magnum , Bangalore) rental. Now they have not paid the rent for last 4 months since December 2021 which is amounting to Rs 105697 .
I had earlier posted my complaint on this forum which Shivkumar asked me to withdraw for paying my dues. I accepted & withdrew my complaint on 30.01.2022 , but afterwards he showed his true colurs & refused to pay the dues

Dues from Oyespace (Flat A9 , SLV Magnum, Bangalore)
S.Nos Description Due date Dues Receipt date Receipt Deficit
1 Deposit 06.10.2021 140000 15.12.2021 130000 10000
2 Oyespace Annual charges 06.10.2021 -10000 0 -10000
3 Rent+ Maintenance for Oct 2021 (6th to 31st) 20.10.2021 26949 17.11.2021 25912 1037
4 Rent+ Maintenance for Nov 2021 20.11.2021 32132 21.01.2022 56000 -23868
5 Rent+ Maintenance for Dec 2021 20.12.2021 32132 32132
6 Rent+ Maintenance for Jan 2022 20.01.2022 32132 32132
7 Rent+ Maintenance for Feb 2022 20.02.2022 32132 32132
8 Rent+ Maintenance for Mar 2022 20.03.2022 32132 32132
9 Total dues 105697

I had tried to reach their various personnel like Yeshwant , Bharat (8431909769), Srinivas (8861121121), Shravanthi (8660692501) , Nitin Gouda (the Finance person, 6266551051) & also Shivkumar (9845235223) but in vain . No one neither takes the call or give a feedback for the enormous delay in payments . Meanwhile I was told that Yeswant has left the organisation. Now if this information is correct then a communication should come from Oyespace stating the next person who is responsible. I dont know if they really honour the agreement terms at all. In the meantime the tenant alloted by Oyespace is enjoying my flat , and I being the Owner am paying the flat maintenance to the SLV Magnum housing association . This is really pathetic & sick approach towards doing business which is equal to cheating the gullible owners of their property where they have invested their hard earned money , paying EMI . I am really at a loss to understand why businesses like Oyespace has to resort to such low & cheap methods . Even Shivkumar (9845235223) who was earlier speaking nicely blocked my calls & refuses to revert or pay. Now the Owner of the Oyespace is only remaining to be contacted ,which seems to be a remote possibility . Hope some one from Oyespace wakes up , take note and do the needful. In case the company fails to honour even now then I need to initiate the legal actions to recover the dues & also evacuate the tenant . Amlan Pal (Owner of Flat A9 , SLV Magnum ,Bangalore , 9840913428 , amlanbaranpal@yahoo.com)

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  1. Oyespace office has been closed since more than 2 weeks. It seems that Shiva Kumar was arrested and later released on bail. We all victims need to file a criminal case against these big fraudsters Shiva Kumar and CEO Sunil More in order to recover our hard earned money.
    And more over, we need to teach these b….tds a lesson which they should never forget in their life…

    1. Are you sure about his arrest sir? We are also victims and Amlan Pal sir.. the tenants aren’t enjoying the flat.. trust me they are at bigger loss coz they have invested on lease.. If they are really arrested then I am sure the police will find a way!