Paulo Travels – worst service

I have experienced a bitter experience with Paulo Travels and this is to be informed all customers who are searching the bus lines through red bus. I have booked 4 tickets for my family 3 months back for the traveling dated 10.11.2013 from Mumbai to Ahmedabad departure at 00.01 AM from Reliance Energy, Santacruz. I have reached the Santacruz airport from Madurai and reached the boarding site by 11.00 pm. When I contacted the paulo travels office, they have informed me the bus was late by 1.30 hours and asked me to wait until 1.30 AM. I have informed them to come to their office, since there is no place for waiting and with my family of 2 children, wife and myself found difficult in the cold and with mosquito. They have informed me to wait at Santacruz itself and the bus will come by 1.30 am exactly. By 1.30 AM when I have contacted the office they have told that the bus will come by 2.30 am. When I shouted stating that the service was worst and I have paid an amount of Rs.1600/- per ticket (totally Rs.6400/-) and need not wait here for hours in the road side like beggers, they have given the driver’s mobile number and contact him directly. When I contact him he behave idiotically and scouted me that who gave this number and not to tell any thing about the bus arrival time. When I contact him by 2.30 Am, he told me not to contact him and asked me to contact the office. He further threaten to switch off his mobile. When I contacted the office, no body attended the phone. At 3.00 AM I have requested the driver that we are on the roadside for more than 4 hours and requested him to inform where is the bus. He told that the bus is at Panwel and it will take another one hour to reach santacruz. We are staying in the santacruz bus stop opposite to the Panbai International school board, adjacent to ONGC. By 4.00 AM the driver called me that the bus reached santacruz and asked about our place. We have stayed there as per the instructions of their office. The driver warned me if we were not come to the Reliance hotel within 5 minutes, the bus will left us. In the early morning with 3 luggage, and sleeping children, we have run in a side without knowing the destination. Finally a auto driver helped us with minimum charges to reach the underground of the bridge. After that the bus moved the same place where we stayed. Inside the bus, when we asked for blankets, we were informed that we have to pay Rs.70/- per blanket. Finally by 12.00 PM on the next day they have reached the Narol Highway. our drop point is Paldi. But they have compelled us to left the bus in the Narol high way and informed that the bus will not go to Paldi. I have to waste one day leave affected very much about the irresponsible behavior of the bus company. I have decided to never book bus tickets. But this 24 hours tragedy we have encountered should not be faced to anybody. This bus company should stop their service and all the guilty persons involved should punished severely. I am in Gujarat and is there any possibility to sue the company in the consumer court. Kindly publish the message to help the other customers.

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  1. They do charge Rs 70 for the blankets which is pathetic and kind of blackmailing (pay for the blankets or freeze in cold). Blankets should be provided free of cost in ac buses like other operators do. When contacted the head office, they told me that since many customers don’t like the used blankets, they provide the new ones. If they care so much for the customers, I wish they had provided clean and dirt free seats too.