PERFUMERY.CO.IN and UNBOXED.IN – These is a SCAM site and the owner Mohit is a professional SCAMMER.

Reported By: Hming Zahawma

Contact information:

The owner of who called himself MOHIT is legit scammer. Also, you must know that Unboxed.In is also his site. If you bought from Unboxed.In and your payment goes directly and credited to Mohit Account i.e., PERFUMOGIST. On the 4 of March I bought 2 perfumes from which cost me Rs. 11,587/- and one perfume from which cost me Rs 6,499/- I asked him to cancel my order and refund the money, because he told me that the three perfumes were out of stock and I need to wait till the shipment from Dubai reach India. As soon as I told them to refund the money, he went dark. I try to contact him using any means of communication and time and time again I send him a mail asking him to refund my money, but he never responded my mail and till this day he kept ignoring me and still insist to refund my money. Funny thing is on his youtube chanel he reply to one of a guy comment saying that Unboxed.In sell fake products. He literally claim that he is selling fake product. On his Youtube channel and Instagram, I call him out and accused of him as a SCAMMER and post a challege to proof himself to me and infront of everybody that he was not a SCAMMER. Instead of standing up like a man and face me, he keep reporting my comments and cowering behind his wife. I advise you not to buy anything from his site. You will never get refund from this S*N OF A B*TCH. Instead he will keep your hard earned money in his pocket. He has a brand called Projekt Alternative which is a perfume. He used cheap perfume oils and low quality product on his brand and selling them on a really high price.He feeds his family by stealing. Beware of his brand and his sites. Also know that I am not the only one who loses money from his SCAM. Check this site MOUTHSHUT.COM and search the name of his website and you will see a ton of complain and post like this one.

How to file a complaint against PERFUMERY.CO.IN and UNBOXED.IN?

* Go to page
* Write PERFUMERY.CO.IN and UNBOXED.IN in company name section and write your complaint in detail
* Enter your personal information (email will not be published)
* Get refund / replacement / damages from PERFUMERY.CO.IN and UNBOXED.IN.

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