Qi Spine Clinic – Wrong diagnosis and treatment, fraud, refusal to hand over case papers

I had enrolled for treatment of my chronic back pain at the Qi SPine Clinic in Kandivali, Mumbai in July 2015. I was suffering from back pain if I tried to stand or walk for more than 45 minutes. They claim that their treatment is absed on DSA diagnosis. After the diagnosis, I was recommended 18 sessions of treatment and was asked to pay the complete payment in advance, totalling to Rs 22,770 before beginning the treatment. I had requested that I do not want to pay for the complete treatment in advance, but I will pay for 6 sessions to begin with. They said in that case the cost of treatment will be 50% higher. SO I had to pay full advance. After 10 sessions, I started becoming worse to the extent that I could not walk even for 15 min. I was still forced to continue treatment and they tried to convince me that I will be alright. After the 13th or 14th session, I could not take the pain anymore and stopped treatment after 15 sessions.I then asked for a 50% refund of my treatment as I was far worse instead of getting cured. I was willing to forego 50% of the amount paid as the aggravation stared after 10 sessions. However they are refusing to pay and still insisting that I continue treatment which I had stopped more than 2 months ago.Alternatively, they offered me Rs 3000 refund as a special case as 3 sessions were remaining, which I refused. I asked them for a copy of my case records. After a 10 day delay, I received a short 1 page summary of the treatment rather than my complete case records, which is a violation of Medical Council of India guidelines.After a second opinon and an online search, I now understand that there is no such investigation called DSA and they are indulging in cheating practices by proclaiming the same.

I had gone to them as I could stand or walk for not more than one hour, though I was able to comfortably do my daily activities. AFter their treatment, I could not sit, walk or sleep without pain. I had to take leave from work and also tablets for pain. I could not even walk for 15 min after their treatment. Even now they are asking me to come back for the remaining 3 sessions, saying they will try different things on me. If their treatment is based on accurate diagnosis as claimed by them, why are they indulging in experimentation on me? If there has been no relief whatsoever in 15 sessions, rather I am far worse, what magic do they plan to do in 3 sessions to cure me? If they know of something that will cure me in 3 sessions, why was it not done earlier and why was I recommended 18 sessions? I have incurred physical damage, loss of working days, physical and mental agony.Plus the cost of treatment to the tune of Rs 22,770 and the cost of travel for 15 sessions totalling to Rs 2000.

I want a complete refund of the cost of treatment plus the cost incurred for travel as well as physical and mental agony. Also a penalty for refusing to hand me my case papers. They are cheating people by claiming a DSA based diagnosis. There is no such diagnosis, as a simple internet search will reveal. They forced for total advance payment so that I am forced to complete the 18 sessions as recommended by them. This is unethical practice. The total damage I would like to claim is Rs 1,00,000.

Contact details of company:
Qi Spine Clinic
Unit No 603, Sixth Floor,
Ruby Crescent Business Boulevard,
Ashok Chakravarty Road,
Kandivali (E),
Mumbai – 400 101
M +9186 5588 5566
email: backpain@qispine.com

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  1. Hi. I was looking to visit them. Please let me know how I can know more about your experience with them?

    1. Same has happened with me. In my case they preferred me a doctor and their doctor told me that they have worsened my situation. It has been 2 months, they are not giving me my leftover money. Completely fake.

  2. They have given half page ad. In Pune local edition promoting new technique. One has to be aware of treatment gone wrong in cases mentioned above.

  3. If ur surgery getting failed, we all are not blaming to the Doctor or Hospital.
    I have a very good experinace with all Qi spine Team. I had a sevire lag and back pain, doctor told me that surgery is the last option if you want to come back in your normal life, then i consult with Qi spine they told me every thing about my problem and DSA also.
    And i am felling better day by day. Now i am completly recover.
    I things just because of few people we can avoid that treatment. We have to tried atleast once time in your life
    Thank you Qi Spine and Thank you Dr.Gupta
    For better recoviry and bak to my normal life.

  4. omggg me too is planning to go for this treatment but now skept ical after reading such reviews….
    Mr. Sunil’s experience which he has shared.. .. though the language is horrible and spellings really very bad….but reading again his experiences…I am in dilema now…..anyone plz honestly tell me…. should i go or not ?

  5. DSA is name of the diagnosis is patented by Qi spine. They are the only one who do this test in India. Hence, You dont find this test online on google else their own descriptions. The treatment they offer is used in Europe with some different name.
    Also your got worse is not because they delivered something wrong and wanted to make you worse after taking so much of many. Every individual is different same as everyone has different faces. no two people are alike. The treatment responds in one or the other way to every individual. Some surgeries completely fail, some people die after surgeries, some people are completely well. Its just the treatment did not suit you. This does not happens with everyone. they have thousands of testimonials and patient stories which are completely true.

    1. But this is just simple physiotherapy as done by any other physiotherapist clinic…then why this hype. And in any other physio clinic no one has died unlike this one where so many complaints are registered.

  6. DSA is digital subtraction angiography and not patented digital spine analysis as one of the users above commented. Saying we ll do DSA and do some spine analysis based on Exercises is forgery. What ll come to you as a doctor is not really a spine specialist but physiotherapist so if you are going there thinking you ll get to consult with a mbbs, md doctor then you are wrong. This is another forgery that they do. They charged me 4000 for the so called DSA I could tell from the way she ws reading g or interpreting my mri scan she was not well qualified as a doctor per se. I fell prey and paid for the DSA what I understood was that this is physiotherapist clinic and not really spine specialist clinic. If ur real doctor prescribes physiotherapy and u have a lot of mony then go to this clinic for the physiotherapy sessions because that’s what they do. Period

  7. I am also planning to join QI spine. Can you please whatsapp me on 9654087336, so that i can be helped in getting a honest review?