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Reported By: Rose Marie Ponce

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Rebate Mall lazada58 Rebate mall Quezon City
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Im complaining about because they didn’t let me widraw money even though I’ve finish there task for me, they just send me another task that they even let me widraw a money. I know they let me widraw after i finish the task given in the first place but now send only another task. they didn’t even replying to me.

Rebate Mall – Lazada58

Reported byb Rose Marie Ponce

Rebate Mall Quezon City

Good day,
I have found this link while browsing in Instagram because im looking for part time job then found this lazada58 that says i just help me grab order then i can earn commission depending on amount. They gave me 100 pesos as starting fund after completing the instructions, then next they ask me to fund my account at least 300 pesos so i can grab task, after that they let me widraw a money to show that there legit. I continue doing that completing task because i feel confident that i can get my money back but after a while, i know after finishing a task i can widraw a money but no, they just give me another task without giving me time to widraw and they didn’t reply to my messages. I funded my money around 44,000-45,000 pesos this is a lot of money. I wish you can help me with this.

These are the numbers of representatives i have chatted with:

WhatsApp – 09757975931

Telegram – Lazada Service Manager
+852 9473 8417

and these are the number I’ve sended money

09453588066 – 300 pesos (5/12/23 6:23pm)
Ref.No. 9009815829809

09568426521 – 500 pesos (5/13/23 6:54pm)
Ref.No 9009832166014

09753441087 – 300 pesos (5/14/23 2:04pm)

09753441087 – 300 pesos (5/14/23 2:09pm)

09453593929 – 800 pesos (5/14/23 2:13pm)

09957556794 – 500 pesos (5/14/23 2:38pm)

09453570316 – 10,000 pesos (5/16/23 3:29pm)

09770884462 – 30,000 pesos (5/17/23 10:20am)

09453516850 – 1000 pesos (5/17/23 10:23am)

09453592603 – 1000 pesos (5/17/23 12:24pm)

Please help me get my almost 45,000 pesos cash back. I just want to help my family earn money but this happened to me. I wish you can help me and also warn others about this.
Thank you in advance.

I will just add the pictures about.

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