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Reported By: Maritess Petite

Contact information:
Rebate Mall RIZAL

I have found this link in tiktok know i can apply as a part timer of lazada58, all i have to do is help them grab orders for them and i can earn thru 20%-40% commission depending on the amount of the orders i will grab for them, at first they gave me 100pesos as starting fund after completing their instructions, then they ask me to fund my account atleast 300 so i can grab more task, they send me 600 pesos back Knowing they are legit, as I continue doing that and completing tasks I feel confident that i can withdraw anytime with them and cash out anytime. I funded my account with them around 3000 pesos by sending to different gcash numbers. They wont even let me cash out or withdraw.

These are the number of the representatives i have chatted with.

0985 283 5025 – whats up
@zuy963 – tellegram

These are the numbers:

0935 133 3306
ref number: 3009 7769 62418
Time and date: May10,2023 5:08pm
Amount: 300

0997 704 4606
Ref number: 3009 7776 619420
Time and date: May10,2023 5:39pm
Amount: 300

0955 306 2065
Ref number: 3009 7777 48519
Time and date: May10,2023 5:54pm
Amout: 300

0945 358 7387
Ref number: 3009 7780 33273 and
3009 7780 59776
Time and date: May10,2023 5:58 and 5:59
Amount: 1000 and 500

0915 496 3416
Ref number: 9009 7775 47537
Time and date: May10,2023 5:36pm

Please help me to get back my 3000 pesos.
It might seem a small amount but for me it is big already, all i wanted is to earn extra and this what happened, this is a lesson learned for me, please help me to get my money back and warn others.

I provide a sample screen shot of transaction.

How to file a complaint against Rebate Mall?

* Go to page
* Write Rebate Mall in company name section and write your complaint in detail
* Enter your personal information (email will not be published)
* Get refund / replacement / damages from Rebate Mall.

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