Reliance Hub services LLC, Dubai – Fake promises and false information made us loose money and time during the trip

Reported By: Shiva Kumar

Contact information:
Reliance Hub services LLC, Dubai Dubai

During membership, Mr.Zubair employee of reliance hub services told that they will provide Car with petrol and driver for 2 days and car with customer’s petrol expenses for 5 days during Switzerland trip. And also they told that they will book the flight whichever we want.

Even they told that except 15,000AED which is payed to Reliance hub services only 300AED expenses will be coming for petrol charge which needs to be taken care by customer. Even they told that they will pay VISA charges except government fees which costs 90AED per person. They told us that there will be no other expenses for us during the trip.

When we planned for the trip we informed them 1month before as agreed about our Switzerland trip. As they suggested we applied for the Swiss VISA. We informed to book the flights, accommodation once VISA came. Even after multiple phone calls, they not booked anything until the night we have to fly to Switzerland. I went to their office, sat for 6 hours then they booked cheapest flight and accommodation for first 4 days of our trip. Nothing else they did apart from booking cheap flights and accommodation.

We spent for Swiss travel pass which cost 2,000AED for 2 persons and train cost from Paris to interlaken which costs 1,500AED for 2 persons along with 800AED VISA charges and 160AED for travel insurance. And we payed tax charges for the accommodation they booked.

Along with that we payed around 56Euros as city tax for hotel accommodations.

Our dream trip became worst trip because of the reliance hub services worst service.

Do not plan for any trip through reliance hub services

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  1. same for me too. they are not attending the calls. the person who was communicating with me is Mr.Pradeep. his mobile is temporarily not in use. they said before 3 months i have to start the booking process. but they are not responding. Iam afraid i have done a big mistake by taking membership. I could have arranged everything by myself with peace of mind and confidence.

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