Sandstone Infra – Sandstone Spring City Sultanpur

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Sandstone Infra

Plot size they change as per their wish

Asking to pay more amount without giving assurance on the LP number and registry date from 2 years

At the time of sale agreement before 2 years asked to give 25% amount and then rest at the time of registration with same rate.

Don’t believe in their sale agreement as it changes every time. They reduce the plot size without asking customer and complete layout for which initial sale agreement was given.

Sale agreement is the agreement between customer and seller but sandstone sale agreement is sole to developer only(no where customer exist. They change the layout without even telling to their customer.)

They did not mention important point in their sales agreement that’ 25% amount is paid and rest 75% amount will be paid in front of sub registrar at the time of registration’

Within a Day they will change the agreement and play with emotion of customers. No value of sale agreement for them.

30% more they are charging on per sq yard for the old customers. Customer in complete trap that what they should do to come out of it as increase in the rate from original selling rate and reducing the plot size and not giving confirmed date of the registration.


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* Get refund / replacement / damages from Sandstone Infra.

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