SBP GROUP – Singla Builders & Promoters Ltd – SBP North Valley – Electricity issue

Since November 2013, when the ‘Offer of Possessions’ were raised by your office to respective owners and owners were forced to take premature possession of the flat without the state run electricity supply to avoid any payment penalty on their part. We were given assurance by your office representatives and Site administrators that electricity will be made available through captive DG sets till the time state run electricity supply is commissioned. However, the DG sets installed are sub standards and have been supplying unregulated power resulting in damages to home/personal appliances of many residents. All such damages have been reported to your Site Administrators/ Project responsible even till this date as well.

So far, all the solutions provided by SBP for DG sets have shown unsatisfactory results with extreme voltage fluctuations, causing high risk not only to our appliances but even to the effect of having short-circuits and fire incidents in the society. Even for that matter, the placement of DG sets in the society area is inappropriate causing a lot of noise and air pollution with high risk of electric shocks due to unmanned staging of the DG sets.

With DG sets, we are also still struggling to get state run electricity supply fully operational in place even when PSPCL has issued electricity and pulse meters to most of the residents. The challenge here is largely due to:

  1. Faulty Electricity Panels
  2. Faulty Automatic Change-over cut-outs (Electricity-DG-Electricity)
  3. Faulty in & out Supply cables.
  4. Non/inadequate availability of requisite technical persons for fixing and stabilizing the power supply.

As on date some of the flats are running with state-electricity while others are still waiting for the sate-electricity to be through. However, there is another major concern regarding information of the current running electricity supply i.e. whether it is DG Set or State Electricity is being supplied at any given point of time as there are no indicators implemented in the individual homes for DG and State-electricity. Thus making us vulnerable to hefty payments towards DG electricity that we would not accommodate until automatic mechanism is in place with indicators. So, till such time that indicators are made available in each flat for both electricity connections we would be paying the DG electricity charges @ Rs. 6.00/- per unit only.

Herein, we suggest that you look into this matter on priority and provide a resolution to the electricity issues immediately. Also, we would like to understand from you that how the compensation mechanism will be worked out for the damaged home/personal appliances of residents due to unregulated power supply provided through DG sets by SBP.

It is also advised that the DG sets be immediately placed at the designated place as has been defined in the project plan for the site.

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