SBP GROUP – Singla Builders & Promoters Ltd – SBP North Valley – Parking issue

Parking allotment had also been a major point of contention since the ‘Offer of Possession’ was made. The cars are parked randomly in the parking bays and in the open thus sometime causing miss-alignments and even damage to the cars.

Here, we would like to know as to why the parking’s have not been satisfactorily allocated to the current residents of the society even when full and final payment has been made by each individual resident to you much in advance.

Even, the parking space is currently being occupied by your building material which we believe is sheer encroachment of our parking space by your project/site responsible. Due to this few vehicles have been damaged and we see that more such damages would take place if the building material’s placement and movement is not stopped in the parking areas. Further, in case of any vehicle getting damaged due to the placement and/or movement of building/site material then SBP will be liable to pay for the damages to the actuals.

We have been asking for the parking layout to check for the feasibility and markings organized by your staff however, all such requests have gone on deaf ears. Now the marking done are abruptly in-appropriate and impractical in approach. The same was brought to the notice of Mr. Sharma (GM) and he agreed on changing the markings but all went in vein as still your staff under Mr. Amit Anand has done temporary marking allocation to the impractical layout. There is no way we could even enter our vehicles into the parking bay under the current marking plan.

We advocate that you provide us with mandatory parking space with numbered allotment at the earliest to fix this issue for the current resident’s in the occupied towers.

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