SBP GROUP – Singla Builders & Promoters Ltd – SBP North Valley – Security issue

Security is the highest risk that we foresee for our family and homes at SBP North Valley. On the name of security we only have few security guards present on-site and that too to take care of your building/site material on the large. We haven’t seen much proactive approach of security towards our families and their well-being. Following are the key areas that we want your immediate attention to proactively avoid any miss happening and security issue.
a. CCTV – As per the Builder-Buyer agreement SBP was supposed to install CCTV camera’s at all common locations which we haven’t seen so far. So, what is the status on this?

b. Intercom/EPBX System is still not in place.

c. Better Security Mechanism (Security Guards) – Even with the presence of security guards few vehicle damages and thefts have been reported while no action has been taken so far by the Project/Site Administration or Security or by your good office.

d. Privacy and Personal Security – On many occasions our privacy and personal security has been breached by the construction workers engaged at the site due to their free access to the residential towers and common areas. Many a times construction workers are seen using Toilets and Bathrooms of un-allotted flats in the wee hours of morning. The same has been reported to your project team and maintenance team in multiple meetings but the ground reality still remains the same and now this has become a very high potential risk for us and our families due to the close proximity the construction workers enjoy with the occupied residential towers/flats.

Even, there has been incidents of construction workers peeking into flats through doors and balconies and sometimes knocking the doors/door bells at odd hours for something or the other. Here, we strongly advise that the construction workers entry be made restricted to the occupied residential towers and only authorized workers be allowed to enter the occupied residential towers within working hours and with prior authority of tower supervisor only.

e. Boundary Wall (society peripheral) – Is still incomplete, due to which stray animals frequent the living and common areas. While there is also a huge threat of reptiles like snakes, in the rainy season compounding into a life threat.

f. Electrical Cables – There are live cables lying open in the parking areas and that too with loose ends. Even, the cables connectivity to DG Sets is in open and exposed to rain and other weather conditions. This again is a huge risk to the life of residents.

g. Street Lights – There is no street light in the entire compound thus making it vulnerable to theft. The light currently provided in the common areas is at close proximity to anyone and can be exploited by anyone.

h. Parking – As mentioned in Point No 2, The parking is being used for storage of construction material that includes, Glass, Iron Rods, sharp edged nails and other building materials, which may cause serious injury or Death especially in the absence of Street light at night.

i. Construction Material and Debris – There have been several instances where the construction material lifted from ground and/or all sorts of debris including glass, wood, bricks, and iron pieces fall and also thrown down from above haphazardly, which can result into major accidents.

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