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Reported By: Owais Sayed

Contact information:
Skill lync and eduvanz Mumbai

Hello I am Owais. I got a call from skill lync salesman on 13 Dec, he asked me details about my qualification and I told him that I have done engineering and a data science courses and I am looking for a job. As soon as realise that am unemployed he started calling me daily. I was not interested in the course as it was too costly (170000). So they reduced the price to 120000 but it was still very high for me because I had already done a course in data science and my parents were expecting me to start earning. I did not had any money on me. So then they came up with a new scheme of no cost emi. Their saleman started brain washing me that recession is coming you won’t be able to get a job. U will remain unemployed for the next entire year. They some how convinced me to take the course. They told me that you have to just give 3500 from your pocket as it will be an emi of 5455 for 6 months and they will be providing me with an internship which will provide 30000 to me. So on 21 Dec they arranged a zoom meeting with me and told that this is the last date, u have to buy the course today. So because a lot of force from them I bought the course. They did not informed me that it will be a third party loan. When I was paying the registration amount I was being dictated the steps to pay by the salesman. He didn’t even gave me time to read the t&c. He was just repeating one thing that Today is the last day and the course is 100% refundable. After registering the salesman told me to give documents of my parents for loan which put me in shock as it was a no cost emi for 22 months. I told him that my father strictly told me not to buy the course. I can not give his documents, so then that cunning man told me to tell a lie that to the loan company that I am employed and I earn money which is not true. In the entire process he never mentioned that the course is not refundable. But luckily on 26 of Dec I got a job through my college. I informed both the companies to cancel the course and loan immediately. But they started ignoring my calls on 28 Dec I called the help line number of eduvanz and told them the entire situation. And the eduvanz team officially mailed me that the cancellation of loan is initiated. But after a month passed by I started getting calls from eduvanz for the emi payment. Now they are calling me daily for the loan. I am not able to concentrate on my job. I am in continuous pressure. This is literally affecting my mental health. If I lose the job because of stress I won’t be able to provide for my family I am not very rich my family needs me. Please help me out of this situation.

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