Skill Lync – Cancellation of course, and refund

Reported By: Alan Gardiner

Contact information:
Skill Lync

I received a call from Mr. Balaji, a Skill Lync employee, in November 2022, who promised to pay my salary for just three months and to provide me with a paid internship stipend of $10,000.

On November 1st, at around 4.45 PM, I made a payment for the pre-booking fee of 5,000 Rupees.

He requested my identification documents, including my photo, Aadhaar card, Pan card, and bank passbook.

I didn’t begin the course right away because of some personal issues and the fact that I didn’t have a laptop at the time.

Despite my request for him to carry forward and treat the month of January as my first month, Mr. Balaji continued to ask me to pay 2955 for course activation and 7955 for second month EMI in January. But they didn’t think about it.

The EMI Holder “Eduvanz” initiated the EMI process with an amount of 7, 955 rupees.

I have already paid a total of 64,140 rupees.

As my work schedule tightened up, I found it difficult to focus on my course. So I made the decision to drop the course.

I called skilllync customer service as soon as possible to cancel my loan and explain that I didn’t want the course and didn’t have time to learn.

They merely informed me that “Sorry sir, there is no cancellation policy in skillync” and provided me with payment deadlines. I didn’t receive a loan or money from eduvance in my bank account.

They called me again in the following days, and I asked them how to cancel the course and pay off the loan. They gave me advice about job guarantees, lifetime courses, trading courses with people I know, etc.

When I joined, Skill-Lync didn’t even mention that we had to pay the EMI as a loan and that it was non-cancelable; they simply said that I had to pay the EMI amount monthly and to complete some procedures with Eduvanz.

Additionally, Eduvanz kept calling me and demanding that I pay the EMI amount or they would send someone to my house to collect it.

I’m getting tired of Eduvanz’s constant calls because I can’t focus on my work.

Since I am unable to pay the EMIs due to other obligations and I am unwilling to pay for a service that I haven’t even used yet, I am requesting that my course be canceled. I detest both Skilllync and eduvance for their egregious behavior and lack of transparency with their customers.

I must immediately cancel my loan and course. I humbly and kindly ask that you assist me in this, as my mental health is becoming deteriorated significantly.


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