Skill lync educational institution , Eduvanz Financing Private Limited – Discontinuation of course and loan closing (Unexpected medical situation)

Reported By: Rithubeth G

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Skill lync educational institution , Eduvanz Financing Private Limited Chennai

I had joined a PG course in the month of January and I made a payment of 5000/- as pre booking amount. I started the course and by the starting of February an unexpected event took place. My father was found ill. He is having a rare disease and treatment started asap. It’s a chemotherapy and as per told by the doctor this is going to be a life time treatment for my father without a stop. It’s a very helpless situation Iam facing now. Only for this treatment and medication an amount of more than 1,10,000/- is to be met MONTHLY. His medicines are also to be imported from other country since it is not available in India. All these expenses are to be met life long. My father is not working, my mother is also nit working now. All these burden are on my shoulders now. I took loan for his treatment, seek for help from others for the treatment, this is how Iam making money for saving him. Even if I wish to continue the course, I have no source to find money to pay the EMI as planned by skill lync. I have to pay 9091/- for 22 months and the total amount of the course is 2 lakhs. I have no option to continue the course, I told both Skill lync and their loan processing bank Eduvanz regarding my situation. I also sent them few documents to prove that my father is ill and is taking treatment, so that they will understand my situation and help me sort it. But they are not ready to cancel the course and close the loan even after knowing all these. Actually this money from Eduvanz is transferred to the Skill-Lync, not to the students account.
I frequently sent mails to skill lync, but till date they haven’t responded to me. Along with this Eduvanz gives mental torture and harassment by daily calling repeatedly. One major issue is that while they are calling like this, Iam at the hospital with my father for his treatment. They also threaten by saying collection, my account is being sent to the collection department. They will visit your home for the collection procedure.

This is a very bad experience as a customer and as a student. Skill lync is a educational institution, they should show some humanity towards mankind, especially towards students like me. Please understand my situation and please cancel my course and close the loan. I don’t want that 5000/- back. If I get 1 rupee also I will take it, because that’s my situation now. But if you can’t give back the money also no problem.please cancel the course asap and close the loan. Anyone who can help me, please sort this.

Skill lync educational institution
Techno park 5th floor, Rajiv Gandhi IT Expy, Customs Colony, Sakthi Nagar, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600097

Eduvanz Financing Private Limited
Times Square Building, B/202, Marol, Andheri East, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400059

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  1. Abhishekkrishna PS

    This is a very sad condition. I think Skill link should show even an iota of kindness to students like these. Comments like these are stopping me from Joining for courses using skill link.

  2. Skilllync should show some mankind. Its not intentional right.Its something that should u guys provide. Not everyone is from a rich class.

  3. You guys are a reputed training center right. Wheres your humankind. Atleast provide him the loan amount or do help him to cancel the amount. Do consider his fathers condition and provide what he’s asking.

  4. I am leaving this comment with a great deal of frustration and disappointment regarding the refund of my friend’s course fee. My friend, Rithubeth G who was enrolled in your edtech company for an online course, had to discontinue the course due to a medical emergency. Despite multiple attempts to reach out to your customer service team and requesting a refund for the incomplete course, we have received no response or assistance from your end. What kind of service is this?

    As a concerned friend, I am extremely disappointed with the lack of support and assistance provided by your company. It is unacceptable to keep the course fee when the student was unable to continue the course due to a medical emergency. It is our right to receive a refund for the course fee paid for the course, which was not completed.

    I would like to remind you that the refund policy mentioned on your website states that a student can get a refund if he/she cancels the course within a specific timeframe. However, my friend’s case is different as he had to discontinue the course due to medical reasons. In such a situation, it is the ethical and moral responsibility of the company to refund the course fee.

    I request you to look into this matter urgently and initiate the refund process as soon as possible. Failure to do so will compel us to take legal action against your company for not following your own policies and for not providing proper customer service. How can you survive in the industry with this kind of crappy service?

  5. Please provide his money backSkill-Lync and Eduvanz, you should show some humanity towards him. His situation is very crucial and his request is very much genuine. Sort his problems fast and let him free from all these mental harrasements and stresses. Or Rit

  6. Harikrishna pm

    This is absolutely ridiculous.Making education as a business is utter injustice.I felt bad on this guy by hearing his part I felt like his case is very genuine.You should make sure this course can be cancelled asap and make him free from this trap.

  7. Roshan Rapheal

    I think it’s a genuine reason. This kind of complaints will be affected the reputation of this institution @Skill Lync educational institution so please try to understand the situation and solve this problem.

  8. Anees Shamsudeen

    That there is a genuine reason to taken care off.
    The situation of people changes and it should be considered .Give a chance to back out from the course as he will not be both able to attend and afford the course due to his situation
    I strongly agree with his complaints raised

  9. The situation is too pathetic and do the needful to Rithubeth. This is a genuine case and in every institution there will be a refund policy.