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Reported By: Fawaz Iqbal

Contact information:
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

I completely agree with the person’s complaint. My case has been even more simpler.
I purchased a smartphone device (OnePlus 5 Phone) from Souq (Order ID: #1043144015338).

Within weeks after purchase, The phone was giving me problems as it kept restarting by itself – While using the device and also while it was just kept idle. I made a complaint and the Souq Customer Service Guys collected the device and said they repaired it (By Re-Flashing the Software) and gave it back saying it is working normally.

Within a Week again the device started giving the same problem. I tried re-formatting the phone and restoring to factory settings several times but there is no difference. Now the problem has become so much worse that it keeps restarting several times a day and I am unable to use the device sometimes when I an in urgent need of it. This is a phone which I use for my work purposes and the fact that it was returned to me without being properly repaired has caused a lot of inconvenience to me.

I made a complaint again on 2nd October 2017 regarding the same issue. Till now no one has bothered to call me even though the customer service person on the phone said someone will contact me within 48 Hours. I called you back again after 48 Hours to remind them myself as there was no response from their side. And again, No one has called me back. I then sent them an email and demanded that they take back the device and provide me with a new device or issue me a refund. This device has some hardware issue and it cannot be resolved by just re-flashing the software. I explained this to Customer Service Person when they took the device for repair the last time and they ignored my advice and just sent it back to me after Re-Flashing the Software. I cannot keep wasting my time by re-formatting it again and again and facing the same problem. They just sent an email and said they can only repair the device and apparently the replacement will only happen if the device is repaired 3 times and still has the same problem !! What kind of logic is this ? So the customer has to keep suffering with the same problem till he makes 3 complaints and the device is repaired 3 times ??? If they know something is wrong with the device, Why not just replace it or issue a refund ??

I have been such a loyal and regular customer of and I have purchased 100’s of products from them over the years. This is the first time I had a problem with my product and I must say I am really disappointed with the After-Sales Service. I will not be purchasing anything from them after this terrible experience. There are many better websites out there and I urge everyone to stop using They have become arrogant because of the growth in their business and they feel they can make good profits without providing customer service !!

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