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Woo Woo Woo Woo.
What a game is going against the company Stallion Intellectual Private Limited, mind blowing.
This all scammerfree,claps for you guys that you all playing a good role as a rival of Stallion Intellectual Private Limited.
As per the whole blog i would like to ask you guys few questions and i will also provide you answer too..
Question 1:- Did Stallion Intellectual Private Limited force you to work for them or just grab your hands and snatched you guys from your house that you should join otherwise???
Answer 1:- No guys you all just saw the advertisement in newspaper and thought that lets check out what this add is about and when you came to know that there is an oppurtunity of earning 20, 000/- to 45, 000/- per month you all thought lets go and have
a look. Guys in todays world a well qualified engineer or a chartered accountant or a government officer is also not getting such a amount and you all were in keen interest to have such a big amount without any degree or qualification in such field.
Question 2:- Did Stallion Intellectual Private Limited kept any hidden condition to you guys like how the pages will come or what type of pages will be there???
Answer 2 :- No they in first presentation always show us the demo page and also brief us all the terms and conditions that how the company works, how you have to work, how they will provide you the payment and
what are the terms and conditions but you all guys just want to earn 45, 000/- at no cost of hard work or as per the company norms.
Question 3:- Did not Stallion Intellectual Private Limited made you signed a agreement and also provided you a copy of the agreement so you can have a look???
Answer 3:- They always make a sign agreement which is signed by both the parties and also provides xerox copy to you guys because if they wanted to cheat you guys then would not have provided you the copy and can make changes in your absence.
But no the company Stallion Intellectual Private Limited never did such things but you guys have done that.
Question 4:- Have Stallion Intellectual Private Limited rejected your consignment with any mode that was not mentioned in the agreement like a fake accuracy report???
Answer 4:- No they always provide a good report and if the report is wrong then provide you a new report and if the fault is from company’s side then they allow him/her with payment from the company’s pocket. It is there genuineness and they never
reject slot if the report is wrong.
Question 5:- Did it happened that you are qualified for the payment and Stallion Intelletual Private Limited did not provided you any payment???
Answer 5:- No they always provide the payment if you are truly able for the payment but you guys just want to earn money by sitting home and completing 150 pages and
then saying pages are long and then saying company is wrong. No guys just want to earn money by residing in comfort zone.
Question 6:- Did any of you talked with the company regarding your problems and they did not provided you any solution???
Answer 6:- No you guys know that fault is from your side and that is why you all do not want to come in front of the company because they file a legal case against you for posting fake comments against and damaging the good will of the company. I
and also the company wants that any of you should just come in front of the company then see what happens because Stallion Intellectual Private Limited will teach you such a lesson that in future posting a comment is too far but you would not
be able to post a hi to your friends also.

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  1. Hello bharat
    Mayank kumar, why you misguiding people for your money greedy??
    To barath, ask to mayank kumar, how many of them done job last 3 to 6 months, and also ask how many of them got payment? If You are geniue company, why don’t you giving statisics for monthly basic and also don’t post one time statistics for getting more innocent people.

  2. no guys its all fake comments , i am in delhi working with stallion intellectual pvt ltd for last july and customers getting good payment regularly , if you have any issues contact me [email protected]

  3. Don’t ever post again like good company, I know who you are! and what the company doing! You asked few questions and answered by yourself. This time I will not going to question or answer in blogs, Soon I am going to ask you face to face in court.