– Charge a big sum of money(10,000 INR) in name of job consultancy company, but no response after taking the money called my friend who was looking for a job. They promised that on payment of 2000 INR his resume will be forwarded to good companies of his field. When we paid 2000 INR, next day they called and said we need to Pay some 4000 INR more for resume verification and etc etc services, then only his resume will be verified and forwarded. They Promised he will get a good response and interview call within 15 days. After We paid this amount, again they took 4000 INR from us by gaining our confidence and trust. so total 10, 000 INR, which is really a big sum of money for a person who is looking for a job. He had somehow arranged this money, and it was really difficult for him. It has been 5-6 months and even after lots of follow-ups(We are calling them again and again, as we are not getting any response), there is no response from Please help us get our money back, and please help me discourage this type of cheaters.

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