Step4career – Fraudulent Company

A person namely DEVESH called me (011204853650) on 7th January 2014 & offer me to provide better jobs in reputated companies of my field at a consulting fee of Rs. 1800. This payment is going to be made online through CC/DC, when I send my resume to them for verification. Recruiting companies will be ESSAR POWER, JINDAL POWER, TATA CONSTRUCTIONS, BHUSHAN STEEL etc. But I have some contacts in these companies & through them I came to know that these companies never hire that type of Placement agencies who charged to applicants. Also when I asked DEVESH about any prior applicant who got job through STEP4CAREER & recently working in those companies then he told me to call me later to provide this information but never call me till now.
So friends, be aware of these kind of FRAUDULENT PLACEMENT AGENCIES before making any kind of payment.
Some clues that make me feel suspicious about STEP4CAREER are:
1. They told me that they find my number from & other job portal sites, still, they DON’T KNOW ABOUT PROFILE & WORK EXPERIENCE.
2. When you asked them to provide information about any other person who got job through them, they don’t have any answer.
3. When you told them to make the payment after getting any interview call from them, they refuse to do so.
Friends….BE AWARE…!!

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  1. Ashok Kumar Dugar

    This is certainly a fraud company. I can provide so many information against their fradulent activities. Let us make a campaign against this company so that no peoples are further cheated.