Suparas Homz – Fraud in giving possession

I have also booked one plot 125 sq.yrd in Bhiwadi and possesion was due in Novemeber…They do not have approved layout plan and now they are saying they can not refund the money.

I think we all should unite and take collective action please share your detail on [email protected] and I will share my details

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  1. Dear Manish,
    Please contact me on 9650982121, I have same problem and making a group to take action against this builder.
    please call me for further discussion.

    1. Dear Rakesh, Manish
      Please let me know if i could touch base with you as i am suffering with the same situation, w.r.t Suparas Homz Aero estate Bhiwadi property. my number is 9818640937