Suparas Homz – Suparas Aero Estate

I have booked a 200 Sq yard plot Aero Eatate Project in Bhiwadi in BUY back scheme.
Company promised me to give 20% assured return with PDC after one year.
Now it has completed one and half year and Company is saying that next and next & next month they will pay
and now they are saying please book a flat in our new project that is the only way to get your payments

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  1. I also have my money struck at aero estate project. No one is trying to refund it. Or giving anything in possession. Please guide me

  2. I also booked a plot of 150 sq yards in Suparas Aero Estate, but there is no response coming from their side about the posession. It seems that builder is fraud and is trying to loot the money and run away.