Tata docomo 3G dongle plan – Cancellation

Dear Sir/Mam,
I had taken Corporate Connection of Tata Photon 3G dongle with 10GB unlimited plan.
in INR 2700 on 16th of Oct 2013, from one of your agent (Mr. Milind – 9765285392 – Email Id : milindkamte25@gmail.com) on basis of following 2 assurances,
1) Availability of 3G range at my home – He confirmed that it is available.
2) If no 3G range is available then he will cancel the connection and return my money back.
Please find attached receipt of the payment along with details.
The CAF No is – 8811000699043 and my sim no is 8087015160.
The connection was activated on 18th Oct. Unforunately while taking, I was told that there is 3G range available
at my place (Chikali) but there is no range of 3G at my place, which i verified by connecting the device.
I gave a complaint to resolve this network issue to customer care (Complaint No – 385115339).
I was told the issue will resolve by 22/10/2013. I was informed by tata docomo customer care that there will be no range of 3G
at my place, so I can cancel this connection. The request number for cancellation is 385563903.
I am told that cancellation will take 15 days and money will sent through cheque within 60 days, but no mention of how much money will be refunded. Please let me know the amount that will be refunded.

I was also told that the device you have to return to the agent from whom you have taken
and take device money from him. I contacted Milind and informed the same. He said he will give me the amount
on 23. On 23 rd he told that he will give me the money in the evening, but he didn’t turn up. Later the next day (on 24th)
he said he will be coming on 25th and give me my money in morning but again he didn’t turn up. I called numerous times but
no response from him. Next day again, i called him many times out of which he picked one call and he gave me the dealer’s number (8888770670). I called the dealer and he said that he is out of station and will be available on sunday and asked me to send the
agent to him. He will return the money. I called Milind and informed him the same. On saturday(26th Oct) again i called up dealer and confirmed and I asked milind to go and collect the same. From Sunday(27th Oct) i am trying Milind’s number and he is not receiving and has kept his number not reachable since yesterday (Note : Today morning i called him twice for which ring went through but was unanswered and later it was not reachable). I communicated this to the dealer, but he said that the agent should come to him with the receipt.

Request you to do the needful ASAP.
Note : Wrong commitment and uncredible behaviour by the agent is going to affect Tata Docomo credibility.

Please before taking any tata docomo connections keep all this things in mind right from service to


Ajay Tiwari

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