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TBK My Budget order #FSS99420. The experience of shopping with TBK My Budget is very bad. *I ordered front open bras but received two sports bra* on 14.10.2023. I bought the product for Rs.799. It is requested to arrange return of the product and refund the amount of Rs.799. It is very sad that no one is responding on customer care numbers.

How to file a complaint against TBK My Budget?

* Go to page
* Write TBK My Budget in company name section and write your complaint in detail
* Enter your personal information (email will not be published)
* Get refund / replacement / damages from TBK My Budget.

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  1. Hi. I have ordered for undergarments pack of 5. But received only 1. That to small size and cheap quality. I Want my refund back… or else share correct product which I have ordered.

  2. I want my refund back they call me took upi id also but its almost 78 hrs completed no refund
    Even they block all the numbers

  3. I have ordered a seamless front open bra with the prder no. #FSS127427 on 12th January 2024, but i received a wrong item on 16th Jan and that is a cheap quality sports bra in smaller size that is useless too.
    I have paid 799 rs thru UPI to receive the item from courier numbuspost ..bluedart..I feel cheated.
    I need to refund my money and take away your product from me.Very bad way of doing business.

  4. Jaslien Chhatwal

    I ordered front buckle bra on 30 th Dec 2023 and received the wrong product on 3rd Jan 2024 .They have sent spirts bra of cheap quality..The cost of 2 bras was 799.I need a refund as no one is responding .Pls help as I will add this in twitter too .
    Your order #FSS125206 from (TBK , My budget …) has been shipped via Bluedart. To track, click here, NimbusPost courier .
    Mentioned the courier details too

  5. Chii this is a very bad app when asked for refund they are using very unethical words and talking very bad with girls and asking access to phone pay and money very bad products and app and the people don’t trust this girls

  6. Fakest online sale .
    Ordered for pack of 3 bra, recieved only 2 with smaller size with poor quality products.
    No response with regards to this.

  7. I ordered a 3 piece front button open bras size 42-44 for 799,instead got 2 very small spandex sports bra of very inferior quality, I want you to refund my money back n take your product back

  8. It is a total scam. beaware
    I ordered a set of three bras i received a baby slip
    Thay are asking me to make an online transaction of Rs 2. BEAWARE. TOTAL SCAM
    My order number is FDS108897