Wow!!! what a service by TSRTC. Bus no: 126 new blue metro express started at 9:20 pm on 28 march 2016 at mehadipatnam bus stand. The bus driver was a big f***er who was drunk. When I got the bus at mehadipatnam, I asked driver will the bus go to shaikpet nala but he said that this won’t go, just get out. I knew that this bus will go to shaikpet nala. I went to conductor and asked whether the bus will go to shaikpet, he said ya it will go. The bus was filled with only 4 members.

I sat in the bus, when after few minutes my bus came to my stop shaikpet nala, driver was not stopping the bus and rudely saying that I said to not take this bus but still you sat, I will not stop the bus here what will u do now. I was watching to this drunk driver and the bus was stopped in the bus stop next to shaikpet nala. I don’t know what this f***ing drivers will think about them. TSRTC need to take a strict action on them. I’m wondering how the drunk drivers allowed to take the bus if any this think goes wrong who is responsible for the life’s of public. Shame on TSRTC.

Request TSRTC to add the below lines to its terms and conditions:

1. Bus driver can be drunk. (Allowed in TSRTC)

2. Driver can stop if he wish to stop or else he can just go without stopping AT ANY BUS STOP.

3. We are not responsible for any lifes due to any driver accidents. Its completely customers risk.

4. Driver/ conductors has alrights to talk any kind of shit with the customers.

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