videocon krypton 22 4G Volte(2GB RAM Black- Grey) OTG support mobile – mobile having inbuilt HIGH RISK MALWARE with display problem

videocon krypton 22 4G Volte(2GB RAM Black- Grey) OTG support mobile Reviews & Complaints

Reported By: jagany

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videocon krypton 22 4G Volte(2GB RAM Black- Grey) OTG support mobile

Respected sir namaste , A P P E A L ——– date 17.11.2017 -12.48 pm
I purchased a VIDEOCON KRYTON 22 4G Volte ( 2 GB RAM Black-Grey) OTG support B072JQ4TLN (8A-9BN1-BWLW )
mobile at AMAZON online shopping with invoice number SJAB-166 – ORDER NO 403-3634230-2156332 DATED 11.07.2017
for rs/- 6089/-. after installation of McAfee anti- virus ,I noticed a high risk malware FILE NAME- zho86_videocon _flashlight apk which will steal my mobile vital info controlled by cyber criminals.I have shown my mobile to local authorized videocon service center at SRIKAKULAM DISTRICT H.O. where I am residing but the mobile mechanic said my mobile is new version ,yet videocon company HAS not launched any software tools for rectification . Hence he could not do anything to my mobile and moreover advised me to use this inbuilt malware infected mobile without caring the McAfee warning MAILS. After few days, lines appeared on display screen caused less clarity . Again I have shown it to service center with I YEAR WARRANTY .He has no spares to repair or rectify it same reply . Immediately I complained the problem to AMAZON customer care who asked me to send screen shots of the mobile for assessing the problem. I have sent them colour screen shots of my mobile via mails and narrated by voice calls additionally . later AMAZON care representatives asked me to get DO letter or service denial letter VIA MAIL from the said local VIDEOCON mobile service center for replacement of my defective mobile. I HAVE forwarded the AMAZON ‘s requirement to the [email protected] VIDEOCON mail service and explained my mobile problem and AMAZON seller’s version. Only they regretted the inconvenience and asked me to go to near by another authorized videocon service center for further help . I went to VISAKHAPATNAM videocon service centers with my mobile.They replied that they are at present not repairing mobiles. Next I ventured to RAJAMUNDRY service centers for same reply to me . I conveyed my problem to both AMAZON and VIDEOCON Customer care who are sending regretting inconvenience STEREOTYPICAL mails FOR testing my patience . Does videocon means and expects ME to go around INDIA for repair or service for Rs /- 6089 mobile ? Does it not amounts to torment the trusted and weak and FORLORN customers ? I have already spent 2000/- for transport charges yet unable to get EITHER SERVICE/ OR DO/ OR/ DENIAL LETTER from VIDEOCON service centers as demanding by AMAZON. Both GIANT companies are making me pillar to post to pillar again for enormous vexation . Mutual trust and warranty for a NEW
REPLACEMENT is seems remote and missing badly in my case even though they assures WARRANTY on the products. Finally I warned about consumer forum for redress via mails to both seller AMAZON & VIDEOCON COMPANY but in vain who turned deaf ears to me . Therefore I pray for justice and help for my defective mobile cause soon sir .

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