Snap Deal, Videocon Krypton50DA 8GB,Black Mobile – Not replacing the wrong product

Snap Deal, Videocon Krypton50DA 8GB,Black Mobile Reviews & Complaints

Reported By: Tri Raj

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Snap Deal, Videocon Krypton50DA 8GB,Black Mobile

I have ordered a Videocon Krypton 50DA 8GB mobile on 30 th December 2016 on, and received the order on 6th of jan 2017. But when i have opened the packet of the parcel i found there was some quality problems so..i sent a mail regarding replacement and my requested accepted by snpdeal and JV Express courier ( by snapdeal) came to me to collect the product on 8th of jan 20117…As per the rules before collecting the product Courier man check the product and its condition that it is the same or not. the courier man did this job properly and got satisfied with condition and quality and gave me the pick up Receipt as the rule is.
Now my job is over…but when it reached back to snap deal, delhi..they reject it while saying its quality is different. So either seller is cheater and sent me a different thin or Snap deal is cheating.when a seller sends a product to a customer…first it reaches to Snapdeal offfice, they do quality check..and it’s mean snapdeal has not done check before sending it to me.and when i return it to replace they started quality is totally wrong and violation of the deal and rules. I requested it to Head of snap deal, the copy of the e-mail is attached herewith. but snap deal is saying i am sending the same product back to you….i am saying either replace the product as per rules or return my money into my snapdeal account so i could by another product.

They are just passing the time of a customer who has already bought several products from them. they should replace the item immediately or transfer my money back.


Dear Snap Deal Head ,
As a customer I have ordered a Videocon Krypton V50DA -8GB mobile phone(handset) on 30 December, details are given on my order no. ID- 17594469748. when i have got the product on 6th jan 2017, i found few quality related issue, so i send a request to replace it immediately, and after that it was picked by JVXP courier on 8th jan 2017, successfully. At the time of pick up the courier man checked the product properly and satisfied with the same product and pack with same condition and given me a receipt of the picked up. Now I got a replacement order after quality check at snapdeal. But on 14th jan, snap deal has called me( from this no-011206650900)and said that you have sent me another product and we will send me back the same. now you tell, what is a customer’s mistake here?…i did nothing with product. As customer I opened the courier packet and check the handset and found few quality related mistake( bubbles on the main screen and tiny point), even I did not use it with my sim. And immediately I sent a request for replacement. And on 14 jan i received a call from snap Deal regarding wrong sending from me to Snap Deal. So, there Snap deal is simply saying that’ I will return what u have sent us. i am your customer for long time and bought so many products and this thing happening first time. You just check with your courier man and main seller ( product came from Vijaywada ,A.P) what he collected ad sent. I have proof of picked up receipt. Check your client who sent this product. Please solve this issue asap and i should get my ordered product or money back on my account to buy another relevant and genuine product, otherwise i will go to different media to tell about the wrong deal and highlight this unfair business national wide. It’s a matter of truth and lie and matter of 3599 Rs., and matter of honesty and proper services and business. For losing 3599.. I will not be poor and in rs. 3599’s wrong- business, Snap Deal will not be rich….But trust will be vanished and me and my thousand followers will say Snap Deal by-by forever. I hope you will find out mistake and unfairness and give justice to a customer
Just wait for a genuine reply.

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