Vodafone – Phone calls Barred

Have recently switched all my 5 no’s to Vodafone. Thought I would get better services but Vodafone has really disappointed me. One of the numbers which I got changed to my name as I am an employee with Taj hotels has been barred for outgoing and incoming calls (No is 9810854764). Have been using this number since last around 10 years but have never had any issues(with the verification or payment). When we’ve tried reaching Vodafone we’ve been told that no one with this connection was found working with Citibank so we’ve blocked the number. Citibank was long time back where my sister used to work. I don’t know how did you guys got Citibank in between. My sister was with Citi a long time back. She’s been without a phone since last 10 days. No one has reverted back even after complaining 4-5 times on the helpline. The connection was under my name and they should have at least rechecked with me or send somebody at the address for re-verification. Please get the complaint escalated and contact me as soon as possible on my cell number 9818714196. Otherwise next complaint would be at the consumer court. Have faced a lot of issues with Vodafone in the last 2 months since the time have shifted from other operator, would love to switch back to Airtel.

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