Westhill Consulting and Employment

I don’t even know how to start this. I had a very traumatic experience, it was a misfortune dealing with Westhill Consulting and Employment. I have never received any kind of support or follow-through for any application. And here is the deal, this has happened many times already, I tried calling their office for support and follow-ups but I get nothing but arrogance from their contemptuous staff. Their posts are disorganized. The website is very hard to use and rumbled, I can’t seem to find where the job openings are, where to post resume or cover letter, where the locations of the companies are or etc. it was just too incompetent. They post hundreds of job openings but it seems that they do not review it; more often than not those are outdated or worse scams. Another thing some are not even in English, how on earth will all people understand them! On numerous occasions I have sent then a copy of my CV and written them many cover letters but never in so much received a single word of acknowledgement by return. And I do not believe that I have the problem because I am a graduate, I have lots of experiences and I believe that I am more than qualified. No matter what experience you may possess, or how highly qualified you may be, one thing is as for certain: as the sun rises in the east so it follows regardless of the role you apply for as posted by Westhill Consulting and Employment, you can be assured of absolutely nothing in return. Do not even bother to go to this website. You will get disappointed and irritated, you will find yourself deeply consumed with waiting for nothing. In conclusion, Westhill Consulting and Employment is definitely better lost than found. They will make you think that they are a good recruitment, once you contacted them they will respond very quickly to make you believe that they are a good choice but expect that after that you will never hear from them again. they will even go far that they will pretend to set up an interview for you and at first seemed like they would have no trouble finding you a position. This was after they had you resume and had spoken about the type of position you were seeking. After the first interview with Westhill Consulting and Employment in person they said it could take a couple days to a couple weeks but expect nothing anymore. So I decided not to wait anymore because that would mean I will be wasting my time. I did not try to contact them ever again, why would I, I never heard a peep from them after they said a couple weeks. Do not even bother, you will have a bad time with Westhill Consulting and Employment. http://westhillconsulting-career.com/

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