Westhill Consulting Travel and Tours – Don’t let Westhill Consulting travel and tours ruin your vacation

So I decided to go trough a trip with the help of this Westhill Consulting travel and tours and I have nothing good to say. I have nothing but awful experiences with the company itself. Before I continue in all fairness, I would like to give credits to the guide on my trip. She was amazing and hilarious and one of the best I’ve ever had the pleasure of going on a trip with. And it is not her I has issue with but again, the company itself. This is how terrible Westhill is, if you want to be shred off on “optional” things you didn’t even know about or can’t easily opt-out of (either it wasn’t marked as optional on the itinerary or it was but the price wasn’t on there) to the tune of as much as twice the original price. Then, you’d be pissed off by wasting half a trip making 100+ mile detours to switch buses so they can save money. And boy oh boy, they will sent you to shitty hotels and shitty restaurants and spend a lot of travel time going to said shitty hotels and restaurants. And those to are one of the highlights of your trip! The place you’ll stay in and the food! The food!!! People are simply rude and has attitude problem, imagine the owner of the business to walk out on you to hightail it to his car while you’re trying to ask him why they do any of the above. The whole trip was a total failure, I did not enjoy any minute of it. I thought I was doing the good thing by not going on said travel alone with my parents, and I thought I’d have a fun time, but they completely ruined our vacation. Don’t let them ruin yours. So never ever get their service. I really believe this place deserves no star. So if you already booked a tour with this company, good luck. If you haven’t, please, please do not even think about it. Shun away if you still have time to, do not even bother to go to their site or whatsoever. Just don’t. I tell you it’s a waste of time. You can thank me later. I could say more but I guess this should be enough I don’t want anything to do with Westhill Consulting travel and tours anymore because memories go back and I still feel irritated whenever I remember it. http://westhillconsulting.info/

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