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Reported By: Juveria

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Wowexpress Hyderabad

I had ordered a few stuff from nykaa and was assigned wowexpress as my courier agency. The products were promised to he delivered by 11th may 2019 and they are still not here. Everyday the order shows oyt for delivery and in a few hours i get a message of failed delivery .They dont make any attempt on delivering the product and then falsely send the statement that consignee wasn’t responding. What is the consignee suppose to respond to when there is no message or call from the delivery people? After this the order goes for reattempt and then the cycle continues. This is the worst experience I’ve ever had with online shopping. Wowexpress has the most unprofessional system. I’ve made like 50 calls to them. Once in a blue moon when they pick up the call they apologize and say that the order will be there by 7pm and guess what that never happens!! I told them i cant be a part of this game anymore i cant wait anymore i have to go out of country asap but they still did not deliver my product . I dont understand why nykaa is associating with them . Isnt it nykaa’s responsibility to make sure that the courier company delivers our products on time? There’s no way i am gonna use this service again also not gonna let my friends use it ..i request everybody to that if they use online shopping in india then please do NOT prepay for your order always choose cash on delivery. Therez no guarantee that your product will be delivered to you

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