www.100bestbuy.com – On phone told lie and send other items

www.100bestbuy.com are chitter.
www.100bestbuy.com are not reliable for the online purchase.
www.100bestbuy.com your employee or www.100bestbuy.com company talk each and every word lie.
www.100bestbuy.com not businessman. www.100bestbuy.com are biggest fraud est. because from www.100bestbuy.com side call and they said you will get 2 shirts their prise Rs.3200/- but offer is www.100bestbuy.com will get in Rs.900/- only and also www.100bestbuy.com will get Rs.900/- discount coupon and also sony experia mobile coupon will get in courier, but in courier got only 2 shirts their prise only Rs.325/- each. and not got any discount voucher and sony experia mobile coupon number.
www.100bestbuy.com said on phone very clearly in courier send that times (2shirts Prise Rs.3200/- + Rs.900/- discount coupen + sony experia mobile coupen), but not any one item send as per they told. They are biggest chitter.
So don’t order to www.100bestbuy.com.

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