YATRA – Dont book tickets via yatra or you will be stuck

Hi Yatra.com is a fraud company. I tried to book tickets for an emergency travel with them online. They didn’t complete the transaction and they said transaction timed out. Money was dedcucted from my account and gone to their account. I called my bank to ask if it will be reverted, they saiud if its a declined transaction it should be done in 24 hrs. Yatra’s site gave me a booking id. When you call the customer care, there is no option to connect to execute to resolve any issue, it only through mail.
They said, money will be refunded in 4-5 working days based on my bank. Why refund, when it was not with them. My bank clearly said in 24 hours for a failed trnsation. They are simply blocking money it was 23K, of millions of customers for 4-5 days . You can imagine how much they gain.
My urgent travel was completely blocked as I didn’t have more money to book tickets. Crying was the only solution. I don’t know why RBI is not making strict rules for such online transactions failed , so that money is returned back same day.

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  1. Dear Customer,

    At the onset please accept our sincere apologies for the inconvenience caused. We would request you to share your contact details and the email address used at the time of booking to investigate further and assist you in this regard.

    Best Regards,
    Yatra Care

    1. Mohamed Hussain

      I got an unfortunate experience today and stuck in Agra blank. Please look in to the matter urgently.
      My booking reference is S1013360