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Reported By: Freya

Contact information:

Dear Sir / Madam
I have made an order of XENXO Wearable Smart Ring from above said website but i have no update about my order and website is not replying to me, please look into the matter and try to resolve it on priority.

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15 thoughts on “ – order status

  • William says:

    Recently ordered xenxo smart ring, i have not received updated status on arrival as of current week. Pls respond to my query.

  • Shailendra R Jain says:

    I have order one Xenxo smart ring having order no. #1su6665.
    I have not got any information on despatch till today.
    Update me on the same asap.

  • Dianna Shafer says:

    I ordered an outdoor griddle ,on the 1st of Jan. I never got confirmation on the order, my credit card has been charged. Could you please confirm my order.

  • Kelly Bobbitt says:

    I ordered an outdoor grill on the 1/13/2019. Never got confirmation on the order, my credit card has been charged. Trying to get information on delivery time line. But there is no luck at all.

  • Carroll Erbe says:

    same ordered grill on 1/7/19 , on 1/22/19 checked and they said we are packing and have not started shipping, we expect you to receive the goods within 7-15 days, thanks for your patience.

  • James says:

    Order grill on 1/14/19 and my card was charged. No confirmation or delivery yet!!

  • Donald Koeppen says:

    I ordered the 36 inch grill on January 1st and have not heard anything on it.

  • Terry Murray says:

    I ordered grill on 01/16/2019 guaranteed delivery in 7 days card was charged on same day as order. no grill no way to contact anyone phone goes to a recording and no one will reply to email. there add was on face book web site. This is a total scam no one who has ordered from them have received what was ordered and they will not send a tracking number or contact you .

  • Babette L Leisner says:

    I ordered the 36 inch grill on December 30, 2018 have not received it yet. I used my debit card they billed my account including an internation fee.

  • R P says:

    Purchased a Flat top grill from these SCAMMERS……………. Paid for, 90 bucks shot in the A**
    Sent them several text messages and nothing in return. Will contact attorney Generals office to file an official complaint. DO NOT PURCHASE FROM THESE SOBs!

  • Patsy Weeks says:

    Ordered the 36″ Flat Grill on January 1, 2019 and have not received a confirmation not my grill, but my Credit Card was Charged on the date of order. Please ship my order or I will have to report you to the Attorney General’ Office. Thank you!

  • Ed Knack says:

    Paid for grill on 1-4-2019. Where is my grill?????????? Poor responses from I shop.

  • cande de leon says:

    order 36′ grill om jan./money taken out on01/11/2019 and have received jet!

  • Len Lindbo says:

    I ordered the 36inch griddle on January 8th and have not received a tracking number or the grill they took the payment out of my account looks like I got screwed over just like the rest of you who ordered those SOB’s should be hung by the B—s!!!!!!!!!

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