Aditya trading company – Instagram fraud

Reported By: Soureen Bhattacharjee

Contact information:
Aditya trading company New Delhi

In a ad of Instagram, a guy from Aditya trading company says the if we invest 199 rupees , they will give me 2000 rupees in return . So, I click on it and and pay 199 rupees, then by giving the excuse of GST and commission forced me to pay all total 3455 rupees . Either I’ll pay the money or I can’t get the return. After I paid his commission money, he said the the money was transferred successfully but the transaction is pending , par baad me 1100 or mangane lage ki payment process jaldi karwana chahte ho to pay kar do payment aa jayegi company document bhi bheje with id proof. Even their contact number in the invoice which I attached is fake . I even gave my money with which I’ve to my loan


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* Go to page
* Write Aditya trading company in company name section and write your complaint in detail
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* Get refund / replacement / damages from Aditya trading company.

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