Air India – I am complaining about non refunding of my tickets cancelled in Air India.


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Air India

I have booked the tickets in Air India on 13.02.2020 to travel from Chennai to Ranchi via New Delhi on 16.04.2020 and return journey on 21.04.2020 along with my collegue Krishnan velayutham through IRCTC by using his account and credit card. Ticket number is 0983758431967 and 0983758431968 for onward journey and 0983758431969 and 0983758431970 for return journey. i have enquired with IRCTC and Air india through customer care and also given the request through mail id provided by them. As i have to pay back the money to government before this financial year (march 31,2021) ends. Hence i request the ticket amount of Rs. 30,858/-( fare+ tax+ booking charges)


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