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Reported By: Sobish Mathew

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This is to bring to the notice of the gentlemen who could help me to get the justice towards fraud activity carried by Air India & it’s travel agent vendor’s.
I had booked my ticket for my family at through a travel agent who showcased a reasonable airfare in website for Hyderabad to Dubai on 13th April, 2018 @ 9am on 9th April, 2018. for 3 passengers. I had done the booking and my amount was debited from my credit card at that moment. But, I haven’t received any confirmation from on my booking (PNR No, Ticket No) They only sent me details of my booking with just a booking code : F[protected] from I was amazed by looking at the ticket, with no details of PNR & Ticket No.
I had immediately connected with the Air India chat team on their website, The executive initially had said that my ticket was confirmed and, can able to download the ticket in some time. I tried doing it again with the details of passenger name to look at my confirmation, I was still unable to get the details till 5:30 Pm, I had again connected to the online chat agent of Air India over website. Asked him for the status of my booking, At that point in time the executive of Airindia had said that my ticket was cancelled due to payment delay from the travel agent i booked the ticket with which is I was in a shock situation and had written an email to on the situation. The agent had sent me just as this showed when i had requested them to solve the issue ASAP on their website “Please note that this is an automated message, do not reply this e-mail. Your email request number is: 595167”

Since 9th April to 12th April i haven’t received any emails from and neither from Air India on my booking status, Hence, I was assured that my ticket was cancelled as communicated by Air India & chose to fly with other Airlines on 13th April, 2018. Recently on 19th I see the emails reflecting in my inbox from about my confirmation status for the ticket booked on 13th April, 2018. I was amused looking at it, Since than i was behind AirIndia for justification on their miscommunication and misleading me which costed me a loss of 1825.00 AED. Hence, It was the mistake done by Air India executive and i wish to get my amount back which i had paid to Agent & Air India.
Now the agent is acting smart and says that its my duty to get the details of the ticket once booked, The agent is a fraud and Air India which is the brand of Nation – India. is supporting the fraud and practicing the same. I have written and email to the Air India vigilance team, Still no responses from any one.
I have attached the snapshot of the chat i had with the executive of Air India and his communication with me…stating that my ticket stands cancelled.
Request to please support my situation and provide me with the justice.

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