Airtel Broadband – Not getting proper speed for past 1 week

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Reported By: ac3da3m0n

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I have been a customer of Airtel (landline 05224011937) for past 6 years and never had any serious issues with their services but for the past week and so i have been getting TERRIBLE SPEEDS. My previous plan was 16mbps 500GB for 3099 Rs and then they launched VDSL claiming speeds upto 40mbps so i decided to upgrade to VDSL. Since upgrade i can’t cross speed more then 18mbps on and at each run of speedtest my speed gets reduced. As always they sent their technician the very next day and he claims that speed have been restored but nothing changes. I never expected this from Airtel being such a great ISP for me for the past few years. I always believed in their customer service and never got the chance to post complaints on cosumer forum but this time i am FED UP. My monthly bill comes round 4000 and if i am paying such an amount being a home user at the very least i expect good speeds from my connection. I still believe strongly that Airtel is the best ISP when it comes to customer service and i dont want my belief to be broken this time.

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