Angel Broking – Loss making unauthorise trade by ANGEL BROKIN

I am having Demat account with ANGEL BROKING. I bought 500 shares of RANBAXY on 19/10/13 around the price of 347 rs. Shares were sold on 20/10/13 on the price of around 305 rs without my consent and I have to book unwilling loss. I have not been called and informed about the trade. Before making any trade company has to take my confirmation but my cofirmation was not taken. I lodge the complain to ANGEL BROKING. I got the reesolution but not satisfied with the resolution. I escalated my concern with ANGEL BROKING and waiting for one more resolution. Till now I did not get resolution and I called many tilmes to ANGEL BROKING. But I ded not get any response from the company. More than one month passed. Plese help me. If you want more details I will provide all the details. Thanking you.

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