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Reported By: Vigneshkumar S

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On September 07, 2022, Meerah Patel, using her name sent me a message on my Telegram number about part time employment (online).
Please offer more information I said.
My number was sent to Melina Rani, who connected me on the next day.
She gave me information on the CTM corporate Travel Management review submission procedure and gave me the referral code 2HYP02 for opening an account at http://
My mobile number registered on this platform.
My account was activated with a trial bonus of 10000rs on the 11th of September’22.
We must click start and then provide a review rating between 1 to 5.
Per set, there was 30 tasks.
I finished one set of tasks and earned 797rs.
We can withdraw the same amount to your account after changing my account information.
To my registered account, 797 rupees were credited.
That made me happy to see.
For the following task, the account must be renewed with 10k. After the task is finished, a withdrawal must be made.
I made a deposit of rs10000 and earned a profit of almost Rs.12392, which was credited to my registered account along with the deposit amount.
Following that, I renewed my account with 15k on 12th September’22 with the UPI I’d 9329119722758@paytm and they given bonus amount of 2500rs too. And i received 1 premium top-ups 13170rs to UPI I’d 9329119722758@paytm and withdrawal 35k.
And i renewed my account with 15k with the UPI ID 9663293552@axl and they given bonus amount of 2500rs.and i received 2 premium top-ups 10684rs,21775rs and withdrawal the amount 59k. And again I topuped 15k and withdrawal the amount 21317rs.
And again I topuped 15k bonus 2500rs and i received premium top-ups 7000rs,21600rs,32000rs and withdrawal the amount 92271rs.
And atlast i renewed my account 13th September’22 with 25k with the bonus 7500rs and i received premium top-ups like 30630rs,57000rs,91030rs on September 21st renewed, 121632rs on September 21st 2022 and 5th November’22 i renewed bonus came 30k rs, 300000rs and 504000rs
I have thus far deposited 11L rupees with the final payment due on 19th November’22. My balance has now increased by 1399566rs in commission.
I had submitted a withdrawal request by the help of Customer Service, but they blocked number.
I’m aware that I made a big mistake, but greed has made it worse.
My financial situation is at its worst right now.


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