– Part time employment (online)

Reported By: Vigneshkumar S Contact information: On September 07, 2022, Meerah Patel, using her name sent me a message on my Telegram number about part time employment (online). Please offer more information I said. My number was sent to Melina Rani, who connected me on the next day. She gave me information on the … – Part time employment (online) Read More » – Online Fraud Cyber Crime

Reported By: Ediga naresh goud Contact information: On October 29, 2022, Nina Manuel, using her name, sent me a message on my Telegram number about part-time employment (online). Please offer more information, I asked. My number was sent to Veena, who connected me on the same day. She gave me information on the CTM … – Online Fraud Cyber Crime Read More » – online money scam

Reported By: renu Contact information: online i was contacted through telegram by meenu . and informed a way to make 1500-3000 per day by putting reviews. initially they don’t ask for any deposit and let you withdraw your money . each round has 30 tasks .and once u complete putting 5 stars for tourist … – online money scam Read More »


Reported By: mahakali Contact information: TRAVRATING.COM madhya pradesh They contact through telegram and ask to deposit money to earn money and ask to put fake reviews for travel sites first 2 rounds after 30 tasks they allow withdrawing money but the next round ask for more and more money and when u can not deposit …


Travrating.xom – Money fraud

Reported By: Sandesh Contact information: Kelrala They have cheated me by asking to deposit money claiming return with interest will be given after task completed. They have cheated me 890000 i different transactions —————————————————- How to file a complaint against Travrating.xom? * Go to Submit Complaint page * Write Travrating.xom in company name section …

Travrating.xom – Money fraud Read More » – Scam/Fraud

Reported By: Gourav Choudhary Contact information: India They told me about part time earning through making fake reviews and for first few times it seemed ok then they kept on asking for depositing more money and money got blocked and couldn’t be withdrawn —————————————————- How to file a complaint against * Go to … – Scam/Fraud Read More »

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