– online money scam

Reported By: renu

Contact information: online

i was contacted through telegram by meenu . and informed a way to make 1500-3000 per day by putting reviews. initially they don’t ask for any deposit
and let you withdraw your money . each round has 30 tasks .and once u complete putting 5 stars for tourist places, then the commission will be credited into your account
but after the third round, they ask u to deposit money to proceed further to complete 30 tasks and the site is designed so that ” premium reviews come and ask u to deposit more money

only when u finish 30 tasks can u withdraw .so u keep depositing more money just so u can finish and withdraw. Since u have withdrawn in the earlier round and got your deposited money back, you believe if u finish, u can withdraw all your money and hence keep putting in more and more money just so u can finish and withdraw

but if the money deposited is more then the task numbers get upgraded and u have to deposit more to withdraw whatever u have deposited

finally, they never let u withdraw

the entire group is fake names and pictures
the so-called customer service will say reassuring things to keep putting in more money

all fake. don’t even start

once started u cant withdraw


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