astro numerologist institute – fraud astrologer

RAJAT Nayar a pure fraud he charges a hefty 15000 and he also sells gemstones and pendents unlike his website claims that he only recomment gems but don’t sell them ..I will complain an fir against him soon….pls don’twaste your hard earned money on this as**ole …full of sh*t astrologer

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  1. I have a very very very very bad with him….he us fakeeeeee…..please guys don’t play with your life….he is fake…..

  2. Rajat Nayar is a fraud astrologer.He and his wife are just making money by making false promises.I consulted him before 3 years.All his predictions are completely false and all his suggestions are completely useless.When I called him back for help his wife used so abusive language and insulted my mother as well.Please dont waste your hard earned money on him.I wasted my Rs.15000. He just tries to sell hos gemstones at huge profit margin unlike his site which says he only recommends gemstones but does not sell them.All his reviews on his site seems fake.