Jumia Lemigou online mall – Online Rebate mall

Reported By: Adetutu Ruth

Contact information:
Jumia Lemigou online mall
https:// jumia11.cc/index/user/login.html

Yesterday 15th of April 2024 around 10am, I saw an advertisement on work at home and part time jobs which I applied for. I received a message after that I will be trained on how to work with Jumia in improving their sales rates.

I showed interest. I was told I need to make a deposit of #6000 to register which I did. I was sent a link which I registered with. I was told that I will help Jumia customers to complete their tasks, if it is successful I will get a commission.

As I paid, the tasks kept on increasing.

Later, I was referred to another person on telegram to put me through. I was asked to pay another #6000 and I got #15000 in return. I was pushed to pay another money to start another task and before I knew it the tasks kept on increasing, I even borrowed money (#120000) from my bank to continue just for me to get the money out not knowing I was going deeper into debt. The agent is still asking me to even borrow from bank to complete the tasks.

Now I’m being asked to pay #500000 . I’m having High blood pressure already.
In total I have lost #230000 borrowed money from spouse and bank.

+234 903 930 4191, this is the first agent that registered me. https://t.me/ElviraElviraElvira5452, this is the second agent that I discussed with on telegram.
The two are not responding to my messages again.
I want them to be exposed to avoid other people from been scammed. Enough of all these unethical behavior.

How to file a complaint against Jumia Lemigou online mall?

* Go to page
* Write Jumia Lemigou online mall in company name section and write your complaint in detail
* Enter your personal information (email will not be published)
* Get refund / replacement / damages from Jumia Lemigou online mall.

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  1. Popoola Kehinde

    I saw the advert online on Saturday and just decided to give it a try, one lady contacted me on WhatsApp telling me about the platform, Invested #4000 at first, made some orders as instructed, got #5600, and after then was asked to invest #6000, later #12000, it went on and on, until I realized that I’ve been scammed almost #400000.
    I actually borrowed money from families and friends just to makeup the money.

  2. Popoola Kehinde

    I started with #4000, got six thousand naira and was still hoping to get more. I was asked to invest #6000, got #15000 and was still asked to do more until I lost 300+.
    It was all a scam

  3. Thank you Ruth Adetutu. This information is very correct. I almost got entangled as well.
    You keep spending and spending in such a way that, even if they appear to be giving you returns, they will always hold on to a substantial part of your own funds, and yet they encourage you to keep depositing more funds into the pool.
    They are scammers.

  4. Thanks very much for this open up on LEMIGUO. I could have been a victim, am about to transfer the required 6k before I thought of searching it here to be sure of what am doing. Thanks onece again