Jumia LEMIGOU Online mall Nigeria – Scammer

Reported By: Ayansina Deborah

Contact information:
Jumia LEMIGOU Online mall Nigeria Nigeria
Jumia 11 .cc/index/user login

I saw this website on a Facebook page posted about how to order product for them online and get paid daily as a stay at home mom I clicked and was transferred to a WhatsApp client she gave me full details by telling me to pay #6000
and after I get the task done
I will receive my money I told her Am interested and I was given a link and and an invitation code BYP4VZ
and a login code 454454.
After opening I was given#2000
as bonus and I deposited 6000only
to do the first task and was told to put additional #6000 to do the second task I did and after completing the five tasks I was only allowed to withdraw 13000.so
I received a message from the client on watsapp the next day that I can continue because I have been given 5k, for me to add twelve thousand to receive twenty four thousand I comply only for her to refer me to
Elvira’s90258, on telegram telling me she will be my coach from there so
after the first task I was asked to pay thirty-nine thousand to complete the second task did by borrowing from spouse because I don’t have enough again only to get to the third task and was asked to pay additional one hundred and twenty eight thousand again couldn’t get the fund so I told them and she said it’s time is unlimited I tried withdrawal but I couldn’t and I chatted with the customer service they said I must finish before I could withdraw and if I don’t finish up on time I will lose my money.


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