Reported By: Asiegbu ubason Maris

Contact information:
Https//: Jumia11cc

On the fateful day of the 20th of may, an advert popped up on my Facebook page which read work part for a period of 1-3 everyday and earn great commissions and so I clicked on it which immediately took me to a lady on WhatsApp who gave me a brief introduction as follows, I’m Yvonne Besty 14, Montgomery road, yaba, lagos. We are a LEMIGOU contract company which accepts merchants orders to help increase the sales and store rankings of JUMIA, AMAZON and JIJI Nigerian products. At first I was hesitant but after her presentation i oblidged her. She shared a link telling me to register with 6k I.e https:// jumia11.cc/index/user/register/invite-code/JKCPZ8. She further introduced to another lady on telegram via a link https://t.me/judd10969 who according to her was the professional mentor for the company. There were series of proofs to back up her claims as I had nothing to fear , she said it was 💯 legit.
I met Judith the same day on telegram who told me that she was assigned to help me grab orders and if I had the time she would show me how to complete my missions which initially were mad of a minimum of one two tasks. I topped my account with another 6k and completed a task assigned to me by the system. She withdrawed it for me. I earned 17k which was paid to me by Rilonenterprise. Judith herself then set me up for two more tasks saying I was to make up the difference with 12k to earn 20k. I did and so she took me to complete a VIP mission consisting of 5 tasks and that was where all these troubles began . I have the receipts as proofs if the need be as most of the recipients of my payments were account holders with aku microfinance bank and some with monepoint microfinance bank. I couldn’t make withdrawals when I got to task 4 my account was frozen. I complained but Judith was just a fraud herself as it was a well planned out scheme to rob Nigerians of their hard earned money. I couldn’t get back my money and the next day I was told that Judith has resigned her position as the official mentor if the company. I want all my money returned back to me .


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* Go to page
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* Get refund / replacement / damages from JUMIA LEMIGOU ONLINE REBATE M.

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