Dear sir/madam,
I am G.Vinay kumar, from Hyderabad. I subscribed to BEAM telecom on 10/04/2014 for 6 months package BMAX-615, with Registered mobile number :9701133222, On 2nd month of My usage, i needed shifting of my internet connection to other place. I requested beam customer service about my shifting of connection on 2/5/2014. They took about 10 days and more to check the feasibility for shifting my connection & Its been 18 days by 19/5/2014 they Haven’t Responded to my calls instead they generate a new ticket or update my complaint. I want to UNSUBSCRIBE their service & need REFUND of my money as soon as possible. I haven’t used my internet even for 1 month.( Requested shifting on 23 rd day of my usage) & they are saying even their negligence for 18 days to shift connection costs me one more month of my usage! what kind of justice is this ? please help me in REFUND OF MY MONEY RS.3100/-.

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