Complaint against HTC handset

Dear Sir/Madam,

This is Deepak from Hyderabad. Recently, I bought a HTC One X Plus model costing around 28K on 6th August 2013 from Sangeetha stores, Hyderabad. This is my IMEI number: 353567053231123. But within no time(less than a month), it started giving me trouble. There are many issues with it:

1) Poor Camera quality: Though it boasts 8MP cam, the quality was poor than 3MP.
2) Heat: It gets over heated very quickly, I know this is a bit norm with the smartphones. But if you play any game for 5-10 min, then my mobile will burn like anything and even during the charging, it heats up.
3) Hanging: It is hanging very frequently, sometimes unable to lift the call and touchscreen will go unresponsive. It requires a restart of the mobile.
4) Error Message on start-up: Whenever i restart the mobile, some error message pops up and it will take a while to get the signal of mobile carrier.

In order to address these issues, I contacted the HTC service centre in Ameerpet, Hyderabad on 21st September 2013. They asked me to come after 2 days, when I went there on time, they said that motherboard has some issues and it needs to be replaced. Initially, i provided them sufficient time, to get the replacement and hand over me my mobile, but its been more than 15 days since i have heard back from them. Whenver, I called them up, they will keep on giving some stupid reasons like they have ordered the product and waiting for it.

So, the technicians itself said that that there is some problem with the motherboard and it needs to be replaced. There is no external damage or liquid logged on the handset. So, definetely they sold me a faulty handset and i am requesting for a replacement of my entire handset not just the motherboard.

This is my HTC reference number: 13INCW40ENA000927

Please understand my agony and requesting the authorities concerned to look into this issue and provide the resolution ASAP.


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